Bao Zhao

Bao Zhao

Master student in Electronics Engineering

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences


Bao Zhao is right now an awarded Master student at ShanghaiTech University, he is goning to continue his PhD study at ETH Zurich. His research interests are highly focued on interdisplinary studies, such as energy harvesting and biomechanics, which may solve real-world multi-flied coupling challenges that are inherently interdisciplinary.


  • Energy harvesting
  • Mechatronics
  • Biomechanics


  • MSc in Electronics Engineering, 2020

    ShanghaiTech University/University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • BSc in Marine Engineering, 2017

    Harbin Engineering University


New insight into piezoelectric energy harvesting with mechanical and electrical nonlinearities

This letter investigates the piezoelectric energy harvesting system with mechanical and electricalnonlinearities. Through impedance …

A dual-effect solution for broadband piezoelectric energy harvesting

Literature has shown that the bandwidth of a piezoelectric energy harvesting (PEH) system can be effectively broadened by …

Orbit Jumps of Monostable Energy Harvesters by a Bidirectional Energy Conversion Circuit

Nonlinear energy harvesters have been widely studied inthe last decade. Their broad bandwidth and relatively highpower output …

Revisit of synchronized electric charge extraction (SECE) in piezoelectric energy harvesting by using impedance modeling

Piezoelectric energy harvesting (PEH) systems convert ambient vibration energy into usefulelectricity. An interface circuit intervenes …

A bidirectional energy conversion circuit for piezoelectric energy harvesting and vibration exciting purposes

Piezoelectric transducers provide a bidirectional channel for converting energy from mechanical form to electricalor in the opposite …

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Attending the VEH2019 Conference at Shanghai

VEH2019 The 2nd International Conference on Vibration and Energy Harvesting Applications (VEH 2019) was held at Shanghaitech University, Shanghai, Jul, 13-15. Literally speaking, it was my second time to participate in this conference and also witnessed the growth of this conference last year.

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Bidirectional Energy Conversion Circuit

Motivation With the development of power electronics, it is not rare to find different types of power conversion circuits such as bidirectional or multidirectional energy conversion solutions, which mainly use active MOSFETs to guide the energy flow in the topologies.



Attending the VEH2018 Conference at Shenzhen


The 1st International Conference on Vibration and Energy Harvesting Application (VEH 2018) was held at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), Shenzhen, Nov.2-4, which aims to create a platform for both domestic and global researchers, to share the latest information on the development of the technologies related to vibration analysis, energy harvesting and their applications.



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