Attending the VEH2018 Conference at Shenzhen


The 1st International Conference on Vibration and Energy Harvesting Application (VEH 2018) was held at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), Shenzhen, Nov.2-4, which aims to create a platform for both domestic and global researchers, to share the latest information on the development of the technologies related to vibration analysis, energy harvesting and their applications.

By the support of my supervisor, I got the chance to attend this new conference, and also gave a poster for sharing my work at that time. It was an emerging conference focusing on vibration energy harvesting, which was able to gather the researchers in this area in mainland China for presenting their works and inspiring new ideas. During the two-day conference, one thing that had surprised me was that this area was made of a lot of young and diligent scientists. On one side, this shows the momentum of the energy harvesting topic. On the other hand, it also offers opportunities for many opening questions such as how to deal with the interdisciplinary issues which influence the real application of self-powered energy harvesting devices.

It was quite interesting to meet someone you have heard about before or read before through their papers. And the more exciting thing is to get to know themselves in real person. I enjoyed the conference and the weather in Shenzhen!

Bao Zhao
Bao Zhao
PhD student

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