Attending the VEH2019 Conference at Shanghai


The 2nd International Conference on Vibration and Energy Harvesting Applications (VEH 2019) was held at Shanghaitech University, Shanghai, Jul, 13-15. Literally speaking, it was my second time to participate in this conference and also witnessed the growth of this conference last year. What is different is that this time I was one of the staffs of this conference, we had prepared about three months before the opening ceremony, and one thing really touched me was that every colleague had contributed themselves to make this international conference fantastic.

The role of myself in this conference was first to catalog the abstracts from over 100 participants. Compared with the last year’s experience, the increase of attendees is obvious, which means this conference had got acknowledge over this research area. And later, during the conference, I was a temporary photographer to record different speakers and professors. It was a coincidence that one speaker could not make it present. Therefore, the conference chair, also my supervisor, offered me an opportunity to present my recent work on impedance modeling of a bidirectional energy conversion circuit, to fill the vacancy of the conference program.

Myself at VEH2019

From the academic perspective, I have learned a lot from their enlightening talks and discussions, especially one professor had asked me a question I had never considered before, which could be the critical point of the power electronics researchers. And from the staff perspective, there were still small mistakes or imperfect aspects of our work, and I think that we could do better the next time if we have the chance to hold another international conference. I would like to thank my supervisor, Prof. Liang, for his continuous support for my research, the opportunities to attend different conferences, and the introduction to relevant acquaintances. These experiences greatly enriched my master’s period and opened my mind for a further academic career. At the end of my second year of master period and the beginning of the application season for my Ph.D., I would like to borrow one quote from Prof. Liao at SPIE2019: “Carry on the past and open up the future!”.

I hope everything goes well, and I’m going to enjoy my summer vacation!

Bao Zhao
Bao Zhao
PhD student

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