Attending the VEH2019 Conference at Shanghai

VEH2019 The 2nd International Conference on Vibration and Energy Harvesting Applications (VEH 2019) was held at Shanghaitech University, Shanghai, Jul, 13-15. Literally speaking, it was my second time to participate in this conference and also witnessed the growth of this conference last year.

The Legend of Denver

Do you know that Denver Airport is one of the most conspiratorial places over the world? With the spirit of curiosity, I have been there twice to explore the most astonishing facts of this mysterious city.

Attending the VEH2018 Conference at Shenzhen

VEH2018 The 1st International Conference on Vibration and Energy Harvesting Application (VEH 2018) was held at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), Shenzhen, Nov.2-4, which aims to create a platform for both domestic and global researchers, to share the latest information on the development of the technologies related to vibration analysis, energy harvesting and their applications.